Robotic USB 3.0 Machine Vision Camera Cable A to Micro B Right angle

Right Angled 5Gbps USB3.0 Vision cable manufactured by Flexible Bending shield cable with USB IFVerified USB 3.0 A plug and Micro B plug, the Micro B with Right Angled screwlock design,helps the cable can meet special connection orientation of USB 3.0Camera..

Flexible BendingUSB 3.0 Right Angled 5Gbps Vision cable manufacturer from China,Himatch builtthe cable UL verified full shield high speed cable with USB IF Verified USB 3.0A plug and Micro B plug, make robust overmold, the Micro B with Right Angledscrew lock design, helps the cable can meet special connectionorientation,offered outstanding quality and high performance for USB 3.0Camera.


USB 3.0 Vision

Transmit Speed Max


Installation mode


Install radius (Min)


Wire gauge


Cable OD


Jacket Material


Lift time

8-10 millions

Operation Temperature

-25°C ~+ 80°C

Max Length

5m without booster

10m with booster


Flexible anddurable U bending cycles 10 millions

Support high speed data transmission 5Gbps

100% electronically tested for functionality

RoHSand REACH compliant


Industrial Camera

Industrial CCD Scanner

Vision inspection system

Machine vision connection

When installing the cable, please consider the allowable bending radius ofthe cable,if the bendingdegree exceeds the limit of the cable's internal structure or sheathedstructure, it caused the deterioration of the cable's performance. Strongly recommend that thebending radius ≥ 4 R (R is the outer diameter of cable) when cable installed.