Belinda Zhu

Belinda Zhu currently serve General Manager and CFO.

Ms. Zhu has a bachelor's degree in Management from HuNan University. Used to serve Finance Manager in a famous foreign corporate for more than 6 years.

She acts an excellent leader through her calm, kindness, friendly and helpful.

She believes that the significance of the enterprise is to provide a good working platform for employees, create value for customers, and contribute to social development and progress.

Alex Qiu

Alex Qiu currently serve Vice General Manager and Marketing Manager.

Mr. Qiu has bachelor's degree in International Trading. Used to serve Sales Manager and PM in a famous connector corporate of Taiwan area. He has accumulated wealth of work experience and professional knowledge in the last 20 years.

His friends call him a Confucian businessman. He has maintained the traditional Chinese virtues of integrity, integrity, filial piety and fraternity.

Carl Yin

Carl Yin currently serves as Research and Develop Manager and Product Manager.

Mr. Yin holds a master’s degree in Automatic Mechanization in Wuhan University.

Mr. Yin joined Himatch in 2013. He used to serve in R& D Engineer, Engineering Department Manager. He has accumulated extensive experience in the design and research of connectors, plastics, metal stamping, and cable assembly.

He is full of energy and passion, has a lovely face and temperament, is keen on product development and design, and has his own unique views on everything.

Eagle Liu

Eagle Liucurrently serve as CTO and Plant Manager in Guangxi.

Mr. Liu has a bachelor'sdegree in Wire and Cable from HuNan University. Once as a R&D Engineer in atop corporate of wire and cable of Taiwan area.

Mr.Liu has a wide range of knowledge and professional ability. He accumulated richexperience and exceed to be a factory management expert.

He is a nice guy withhelpful and optimistic, always hang a happy smile, His friends praised him as atruly straight and reliable partner.


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