GigE Vision - True Plug and Play Connectivity

2018-01-26 16:43:00

GigE Vision® is a global camera interface standard developed using the Gigabit 

Ethernet communication protocol. GigE  Vision allows for fast image transfer using low cost standard cables over very long lengths. With GigE Vision, hardware and software from different vendors can interoperate seamlessly over GigE connections.

GigE Vision is a widely adopted interface around the world, with dozens of leading companies currently offering hundreds of GigE Vision compliant products. GigE Vision offers many benefits including:

FAST High bandwidth  (125 MB/s)  transfers large images quickly in real time
ABUNDANT Uncompromised data transfer up to  100 meters  in length
STANDARD Low cost CAT5e or CAT6  cables and standard connectors
SCALABLE Highly scalable to the  fast growth of Ethernet
LOW COST Standard hardware and cables allow easy, low cost integration
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